Issues and Epiphanies

I seem to be having issues finishing a book. I put down Rowling’s book “The Casual Vacancy” and I ended up putting down P.C. Cast’s “Hidden”.

Rowling’s book I just found SO boring. I know a lot of people have issues with the language she uses, but I don’t care much about that. I got stuck on page 40 and just kept reading the same thing over and over so I decided to set it aside and come back to it at another time. I WILL finish it…. eventually.

Cast’s new House of Night book is okay. I’m just so sick of the way the characters act. Zoe is anti-cussing, anti-drinking, etc. and comes across as a total goody-too-shoes BUT she’s had sex with just about every straight guy in the series and lives with her current boyfriend. These kids are 17 doesn’t a parent/guardian somewhere care? And the way they talk it is like they’re twelve. Everything is “gotta”, “yup”, “nope”. Only a few of the characters are actually believable and even the adults are just as bad. So I set it aside because it was that or throw it across the room. Plus it gives my friend a chance to catch up, she loves the books and is one of the only reason’s I keep reading the series as I was done with it about 5 books ago, luckily there is only suppose to be 2 more in the series.

I am now reading “Beautiful Redemption” by Kami Garcia and I am loving it! I was up until 4am this morning reading it and I’m almost done. The next book I’ve been waiting for (Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier) comes out on Tuesday, maybe after that I’ll go back to “Hidden” though Moning’s new book “Iced” comes out Tuesday as well.

I usually always try to finish a book, but lately I’ve decided it is in my better interest to read books that interest me. If I keep reading books I don’t really like I’ll never have time to read the ones I want. So that’s my epiphany for the week. Hahaha


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