Moon College (book #1) by Geoffrey Litwack

17402209A dead moon. A mysterious girl with purple eyes. This isn’t a safety school. His seventeenth year on earth went out with a whimper and anxious incoming freshman Hilary Litwack is headed up – straight up – to college on the moon and into a crucible that will burn away his past. Meeting up with his aggressively thuggish cousin Vladimir, he’s thrust into a new life filled with new friends, violence and treasure, the girl of his dreams, and ultimately the secrets of the moon and the people around him.

This overview does not do the book justice at all. The book is so much more than that and I don’t feel the overview even has much to do with the book at all. The book is so much better. This is not a book I would probably ever have come across on my own. It seems to be only in ebook format and only available on goodreads or amazon (I work for Barnes and Noble so I try not to buy from amazon, but as this was a free download I told myself it was okay). Anyways, I heard about this book on twitter. I follow Kat Dennings (love her even though I don’t like the show 2 Broke Girls) and she was talking about this book so I decided to check it out. SO glad I did. The only issue I had with the book is the way it jumped around. I would have to go back a few lines and reread what happened. Otherwise, it was a some what realistic, Science fiction book. I liked Hilary, Camille, and even Vlad to some extent (you’ll see what I mean when you read it). A lot of the time I found myself wishing there as already a school on the moon like this cuz I want to attend! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, hopefully there will be a next book and the author just doesn’t give up on the series. I hate when that happens.

Stars: 4/5


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