4 months since my accident and 2 Months since my last post

I have been reading, I swear I have. Mostly though I’ve been working on my own books. I’m currently reading 3 different books, but none of them seem to be holding much of my attention. Also, my back is finally starting to heal from the accident and I’ve begun physical therapy which is also taking up some time. I’m kinda disappointed in one of the series I’m reading. There are a few books that I very clearly remember that made me want to read. One of those was the Tamora Pierce “Wild Magic” after I read that I went and read The Song of the Lioness series since it came before The Immortals series and then I read the Immortals series, I’ve read every books she’s done about Tortall (except Beka Cooper- I’m waiting for them to all be out before I start them). Pierce’s Lioness and Immortal series books hooked me. Even though I read at a much higher level now than these books I still reread them constantly (I liked the Protector of the Small books and the Trickster books, but they didn’t hook me the same way as Alanna and Daine did). So I finally gave in and Started the Circle of Magic series by Pierce. I made it through the first book. It was good, but it just left me feeling “Blah” it just didn’t have that spark of magic the Tortall books did. I’m going to read book 2, but right now i’m just kid of starring at them. Even my go to authors: Roberts, McKinley, Neggers, Stiefvater aren’t holding my attention. I guess I’m just blocked from reading right now. At some point I’ll get past it, I’m just so focused on finishing my novel before I’m cleared to go back to work that I just don’t have enough left to focus on someone else’s work. 


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