Why the Ending of Allegiant Works *spoilers*

photoOkay, so I said in my review that I would do a blog on the ending, but I didn’t want to talk about it in the review due to spoilers so here we go…

TRIS DIES! There I said it. Now if you are angry about it I get it, but really? Stop yelling at the author suck it up and move on. Half the reviews/responses I’ve read say something like this. “She shouldn’t have died!”“There was no other way to end the book”“Yes, there was. There was millions of possibilities!” Honestly, there was no other way this book was going to end. Why do I say this? Did you all not read Insurgent? It was completely foreshadowed! All she does the entire book is sacrifice herself so that know one else would die. Did you really think she would let anyone else into that room with the death serum knowing full well they were going to die? Not a chance! Yes, she survived the death serum, which I think is lame, I think it should have killed her instead of a stupid gun shot wound (Ya, I’m a little bitter about HOW she died, not that she died). So ya, in Allegiant she talks about how she wants to live, but really, we all know who she is as a person by this point. Again, there was no way she was going to let anyone else die if she could save them. Even before they leave Four says to her that Abnegation had a teaching about sacrifice “They say that if the sacrifice is the ultimate way for that person to show you that they love you, you should let them do it.” that right there should have shown you that there was no way Tris was going to let anyone else walk into that room, even Caleb who she claimed to dislike (and I don’t blame her for that) but we also know even in her dislike she loved him he was family and all she’s ever wanted was to please her family, she left Abnegation because she didn’t think she was selfless enough to please them in Divergent, she sacrifices herself over and over again in Insurgent did we really expect her to do any different in Allegiant? Tris was Duantless, Abnegation, and Erudite. She was smart enough to know walking into that room would be death, she was brave enough to step into that room and she was selfless enough to die for the good of the people. Stop being angry and applaud her death for what it was: knowledgeable, brave, and selfless. That is why I don’t think there was no other ending for the book, not because she couldn’t have adapted and whatever other excuses people are saying. Her death was brave, selfless and knowledgeable all the things she was, to end the book any other way would not have been the Tris we have come to know.  So if you were angry about the death I hope this post gives you some peace and understanding and allows you to move on.

Now… can we talk about Four for a minute? I LOVED him in Divergent, in Insurgent he was starting to get on my nerves a little, and by Allegiant I was reading to smack him.  He did a total 180. He was still brave when it came to shooting people, but he lost all that confidence I loved about him. It’s like he went from being an 18 year old man to a 12 year old boy. He would go on and on about how Tris was the person he respected most and blah blah blah, but then he would turn on her and accuse her of jealousy and what not and do what he wanted anyway even if it was against what Tris said. I wish he would have died instead of Tris. He said to her near the end of the book when Caleb was originally supposed to go into the room that Abnegation had a teaching about sacrifice (as quoted above). So ya, I feel like Four should have sacrificed so he could save Tris, but that would change the entire story since he wouldn’t have been in the factions then.

Like I said above, there was no other way to end the book and I accept that, but if Roth had ended it differently I would have felt the ending was blah, but I would have accepted it, the only alternative to killing Tris would be to kill for, him sacrificing himself for love. Those are the only 2 ways the book could have truly ended. Why do people get SO upset when something doesn’t have a happy ending? If you want to make a book believe people die, even the main characters, accept it. It’s classified as a fantasy/adventure book, not a romance, that should have given you a hint right there.


10 thoughts on “Why the Ending of Allegiant Works *spoilers*

  1. I totally agree with your comments on Four. I was shocked when I found out how young he was in Divergent, not so much when he behaved like a 12 year old in Allegiant

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  4. Good review! I finally just finished reading the book and I agree that Tris’ death was an appropriate ending. How many times can a character put herself in harm’s way before ending up dead? A happy ending would have never felt organic to me.

    I am with you 100% on HOW Tris died… She should have died by way of the death serum. The shooting didn’t make sense and flow for me at all.

    As far as Four’s story, though I didn’t care for the “weak” side of Four, and how being GD was so traumatizing to his self-esteem, I thought the profound loss he experienced through Tris’ death worked. Though I strongly prefer the Four of Divergent, I appreciated the depth that these actions brought to his character overall. No one can just be strong and fearless all of the time.

    • As far as Four goes, it wasn’t so much that he was “weak” that I didn’t like as much as it was such a 180 from the Four we saw in Divergent and Insurgent and it did really bug me how traumatized he was by the fact that he WASN’T Divergent. It was like being Divergent somehow made him better than everyone else and now that he wasn’t Divergent he wasn’t special. I really hated that perspective of his on the subject. He shouldn’t have been so traumatized by it.

      But ya, Tris dying wasn’t a big deal but I really hated how she got through everything and then was shot. It felt so anticlimactic compared to everything else she had gone through.

  5. I was quite upset by Tris’ death but once you get over it, her surviving would have been pretty soppy and predictable. I didn’t like the fact Four and Tris had so many arguments and made up straight away, it got a boring after the first couple of times. But overall, it was actually a very good series by Veronica.

  6. Tris dying was an appropriate ending, but it doesn’t mean i liked it. i think it left too much of a void as the other characters didn’t have enough substance to appreciate how the society could change without her. Agreed on FOUR in Allegiant – very annoying. Great summary Mandy.

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