Serpent’s Kiss (Beauchamp Family 2) by Melissa de la Cruz (Adult Fiction/Fantasy)

12604973Just as things have settled down in the off-the-map Long Island town of North Hampton for the magical Beauchamp family, everything gets turned upside down once more when Freya’s twin brother Fryr, or “Freddie” as he’s called now, returns from Limbo with shocking news – that it was none other than Freya’s fiancé, Killian Gardiner, who set up his downfall.
He begs Freya to keep his presence a secret, even from their own family, but somehow the irascible Freddie is still able to conduct many affairs with the town’s young lovelies from his self-imposed exile. Until he falls for the wrong girl. While Freya tries to keep her brother from exacting revenge on the man she loves, Ingrid has her own problems. Her human boyfriend, Matt Noble, becomes entangled in a complicated investigation, and when the magical creatures at the center of it come to Ingrid for help, she has a difficult choice to make. To top it off, a dead spirit is trying to make contact with Joanna – but does it mean to harm or warn the witches? All hell breaks loose at the family reunion over Thanksgiving, and much mayhem ensues, but when the culprit behind Freddie’s imprisonment is finally revealed, it may already be too late to staunch the poison that’s been released by the serpent’s kiss.

Stars: 3/5

I will say I liked this book better than the first book in the series, Witches of East End. But while the adults seem more like adults in this book, the plot still seems like that of a teen book. I recently started watching the show on Lifetime. I like the show, but as with any show I feel they are going to stray to far from the series, though so far I’m a fan of the things they have added. I am a little iffy on some of their casting choices though. The main characters were pretty good choices even if they aren’t the way they were described in the books. It’s the secondary characters I seem to have an issue with. Anyway, back to the book. I’m glad to see everything is pretty much out in the open now. That was one of the things I had the biggest issue with. I like a good mystery in a book, but the answers to some of these were so glaringly obvious you have to wonder if the characters are as smart as they think they are. If you like teen reads, but are an adult looking for something with a little more, ahem, action you’ll like these. I’m kinda sad none of her Blue Bloods characters showed up in this book like they did in book 1. I love her Blue Bloods, vampire teen series.


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