Some people are first class jerks

This is not a book review, unfortunately I had a truly horrible day. I stopped at the gas station to get gas before going to see my sister. She has 3 kids and the youngest has a birthday tomorrow. I brought the birthday boy his birthday present and brought the Christmas presents as well. We did lunch then hung out at the house catching up and what not. When I went to leave I realized my wallet was missing, since the last place was the gas station I figured have gone missing there and hopefully someone was nice enough to turn it in, they weren’t. I got to the gas station which is just down the street from my sisters, but no one had turned it in. I went online to check my account and sure enough there were fraudulent charges on it. I still have no idea how they got the wallet they had to have swiped it when my back was to my door when I was at the pump. So instead of going home which is 45 minutes away I went back to my sisters in tears since my entire checking account had pretty much been wiped out. I jumped on her computer got the number for all the credit card companies and bank to call and cancel the cards and have new ones sent. I now have to go to the DMV on Monday which is an hour away (scared to be driving without a license) and go through the process of getting a new one. Fortunately all the companies were very understanding and did everything quick and efficiently, though I have to fork out $10 to get my bank card expedited and since Wednesday is a holiday I doubt I’ll get it before then, but it was better than the 6-10 business days since I have to go out of town on the 28th for Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family (divorced parents). So thanks to the person who decided to be a jerk and instead of turning in said wallet decided to go spend someone elses money. You person, are an asshole. I hope they decide to go to a bar and open up a tab only for it to be declined at the end of the night. I have no doubt karma is going to come back and kick them in the ass! Someone is obviously not in the Christmas spirit and deserves nothing but coal. 


2 thoughts on “Some people are first class jerks

  1. I don’t get it either and especially so close to the holidays. Way to ruin someones holiday. It’s been over a week and I’m still dealing with the repercussions.

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