Rise of the Arcane Fire (The Secret Order #2) by Kristin Bailey (Teen Fantasy/Adventure)

Advanced Readers Copy. Expected release date: February 4, 2014. 

ImageAfter her parents died in a fire and her grandfather disappeared, Meg Whitlock thought her life had come to a standstill. But when she learned that the pocket watch her grandfather left her was really an intricate key, Meg, with the help of a stable hand named Will, uncovered the Amusementists: members of an elite secret society dedicated to discovery and shrouded in mystery. Now the Amusementists are convening in London, and Meg is determined to join their ranks. But being the first girl in the Order has its difficulties, and with Will away in Scotland Meg fears she can’t trust anyone but herself. Her worries are only supported by the sabotage happening at the academy, with each altered invention being more harmful than the last. With threats lurking around every corner, and while trying to prove her worth as the first female Amusementist, Meg must uncover the identity of the academy’s saboteur before the botched devices become deadly. And after she finds evidence of a sinister and forbidden invention, Meg must stop it – or risk the entire future of the Amusementists.

Stars: 3/5

I know I read the first book in the series, but until I started reading book 2 I couldn’t really remember what it was about, what happened or anything like that. According to goodreads.com I liked it though as I gave it 4 stars. I can only guess it’s a good if not very memorable book, I have a feeling book 2 is going to be much the same. It’s all very intriguing and while you are reading you can’t help but be sucked in, but I finished it only a few hours ago and I can already feel myself forgetting. I really like Meg and most of the other characters and even the plot twists are pretty good. But if you’re going to read these books you might want to wait for the whole series to come out and read it in one go.


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