A New 30 Day Book Challenge!

So this one I am also doing on Instagram. You can follow me at: reading7mandy. I’ll be posting the picture there and then doing a follow up of ‘why’ here.


Day1. Favorite Book.
– Gone with the Wind

I’m not sure I can really say why this book is my favorite so let me give a little back story. I grew up on the movie and once I was deemed ready I was given the book to read. I was 13, (I’ve always read above my reading level) and I guess they finally decided I was mature enough for the book. I devoured it in a matter if days since I was on summer vacation. I always admired Scarlett for her strength. I also fell in love with Rhett and swore I’d marry a guy just like him (which is probably why I’m single). The first time I read it, it left my head spinning but I loved it and read it again right away taking it a bit more slowly and letting certain things absorb. I read it again when I turned 18 when certain things weren’t quite so shocking and still loved it. The most recent time I read it I was 24 and decided there was no way that was how it ended (I wanted my happily ever after) and rushed out to buy Scarlett and Rhett Butlers People. After reading those 2, I’m sticking with Mitchell’s ending. My grandma on my dads side loves GwtW and for my 27th birthday passed down her First Edition too me, that had originally belonged too her Aunt. On my moms side my Great Aunt (my grandfathers sister) is obsessed with GwtW and has a huge collection that I’m hoping to somehow get my hands on. So I think the reason this is my favorite book is because of the history I have with it as well as it’s on of the few books that even after it ended I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. During those weeks all other books were ruined for me. It sucks you in, but, while it leaves you reeling, it also gives you lessons and makes you really think about things.


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