The Flu and Books

ImageSo last night I was going just fine, watching movies, editing my book, the usual. Around 7:30 I got really tired, figuring it was just because I had been busy that morning I brushed it off and grabbed a Mountain Dew to keep myself awake for a little longer. Around 10:30 I started feeling kinda blah and then I sneezed. Apparently the sneeze was the trigger. After I sneezed that was it. I got a fever, body aches, chills, and proceeded to loose everything that was in my stomach… and kept proceeding to loose it, It still hasn’t stopped. I’m pretty sure I’m now missing vital organs. So ya, there’s that.

I had been reading Winter’s Tale, but since I was focused more on my own book I wasn’t giving it the attention it deserved and since it was a library download I eventually had to let it go having only made it 20% through the book. It was very good, but I was not able to give it the attention it deserved and I didn’t want to speed read it and miss something, I’ve put myself back on the waitlist hoping when it gets back around to me I’ll have more time.

Today on twitter I saw Penguin Books USA had posted that the Vampire Academy ebooks were on sale today for only $2.99. I’ve been wanting to read them so I figured what the hell. I had exactly enough left on my barnes and noble giftcard to buy them all on my nook. So that’s how I’ll be spending this stomach flu. I’ll try to keep up with 30 Day Book Challenge, but this blog has exhausted me so we’ll see.


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