30 DBC Day 20

.22 Favorite Scene

– Katniss’s Wedding Dress becomes the ‘Mockingjay Dress’


catching fireThis probably isn’t my favorite scene from any book ever, but it was the first one that popped into my head since I’m eagerly anticipating the Catching Fire dvd release. I remember reading this part in the book and I couldn’t help hoping they would make these books into a movie just so I could see her dress change. Seeing it in the movie was amazing, they did such a good job with it. I think her dress changing was the first time the people of the capitol finally realized something might be wrong with The Hunger Games. They were finally seeing the tributes as people and not just pawns in a game. I feel it was the real turning point in the books, not the berries in the first book. Catching Fire is my favorite book in the series and a lot of it had to do with these types of scenes.


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