Do you need to know about me? Not really, but i’ll tell you anyways.

My name is Mandy. I have 2 AA’s and am currently working on my my BA. I got my first AA in Apparel Manufacturing from FIDM, but with the economy being so bad I was having a hard time finding a job in the industry so I decided to go back to school and get another degree. My second AA is in English and my BA will also be in English with a minor in Communications. I worked at Barnes and Noble until March 2013 when I was in car accident that hurt me pretty bad and when I can go back to work retail isn’t going to be on option but I will miss it because the discount is amazing and I loved the people I worked with. I have more bookshelves in my room than space and my book collection has overflowed to other shelves in the house.. To say I love to read would be an understatement. My other love besides books is film (both tv and movies). Since the accident I have had way to much time on my hands and got caught up on all the shows I wanted to watch but never could when I was working. I have an extensive DVD collection as well. Classics are my favorite (that goes for books and movies). Gone with the Wind is my favorite book and movie. Anyone who talks badly about it has probably never seen it or read it. All they see is its 1000+ pages and a 4 hour movie.

I have 5 dreams jobs: 1)Write my own books, 2)Edit/Publish Books, 3)Journalism (preferably entertainment), 4)Get a job in the studios doing wardrobing, 5)Get a job in the studios working with scripts. I am hoping my new degrees will allow me to do this. I finished my own novel at the beginning of the year and I have been querying agents for the last few months. Sadly, it’s going slowly and not at all well… but JK Rowling was denied how many times before Harry Potter got published?

If you’ve written a book and want me to read/edit or just want my opinion on a book look under contact me for the info.


5 thoughts on “Do you need to know about me? Not really, but i’ll tell you anyways.

    • Thank you. I will probably not be participating it NaNoWriMo this month. My novel is actually complete and i’m in the process of trying to get an agent/getting it published. I participated last year though.

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